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Risk less and get better returns with Goose Droppins AI powered momentum algorithms.

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Goose Droppins Formula!

A Golden Approach

Goose Droppins is an invite only finance tool that targets key stocks for option trades. Are you ready to:

Find new stocks perfect for option trading

Make positive gains in a bull or bear market

Generate better returns while investing less

we're talking about Bigger Gains!

To put this in laymen’s terms, if you invest in the same company (Starbucks) the option will ALWAYS outperform the stock.  

Generate bigger gains risking less money

Get a better average return on investment

Hit your annual goal in just months

Benefits that
you will love

Fresh Monthly Picks

Our platform curates and recommends new droppins each month.  

Small To Large Positions

Depending on your investment budget options picks range from $500 to $30,000+.

See Returns In Day or Weeks

Your return on investment (ROI) can come quick.  Ultimately, you control when to sell.

getTING Started

Beta Access

Sorry our current beta group is now filled. Sign up for future updates.

Setup Brokerage Account

In order to begin trading you will need a brokerage account with options trading active.

Analyze Monthly
Option Picks

Before you actually buy and take an option position review generated picks for a good fit.

Buy Your
First Option

Once you're ready follow our Goose Droppins rules and take your first option position.

Laws For Success

Key methods to consider with every trade.

Only Buy Leap Options

Buy In The Money

Have Funds To Double Down

Take Positions On Down Days

Buy Companies You Like

Set Goals For Gains/Losses

We have talked a lot about huge gains and making tons of money with options.  It’s 100% possible, but never guaranteed. Let’s take a quick reality check!  Options can go up and down just like stocks.  But with options you can lose more faster (just like you can gain more faster).  Set your expectations and take your profits or losses accordingly.


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Risk Chart

The Goose’s Risk Classification Index.

Win-To-Loss Ratio
Low Risk
Leap ITM
In the Money (ITM) leaps are options with an expiration date greater than 1 year and the stock price is less than the option strike price. More time equals less risk.
Medium Risk
Leap OTM
Out of the money (OTM) leaps are options greater than 1 year, but the stock price is greater than the strike price. This offers zero intrinsic value, greater upside and slightly greater risk.
High Risk
Non Leap
A non leap is an option that would expire in less than 1 year and could be ITM or OTM. This varies of the level of risk. ITM would have less risk than OTM.

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